Oil Field

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Polymer Flooding is to increase the viscosity of the injected water by adding a certain amount of high molecular weight water-soluble polyacrylamide to the injected water, thus improving the flow ratio between subsurface oil and water. The higher the viscosity and elasticity of the injected polymer solution, the larger the residual resistance coefficient as well as the effect of the polymer oil displacement agent in expanding the macroscopic and microscopic sweep coefficients of the oil layer, the smaller the mobility ratio of oil and oil displacement agent. Therefore, the applied PAM increases the overall recovery factor.

Our products are widely used in major oil fields in China and abroad.

Domestic: Daqing, Shengli, Dagang, Liaohe, Xinjiang and other oilfields.

International: Russia, North America, India, Middle East, South America and other oil fields.

Vismega™, Bysate™, Bynano™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark

S series

100/300/500 series

20-26 Million
15-20 Million
Temperature(85℃) and salinity(30000ppm) resistance 
Temperature(90-110℃) and salinity(30000-120000ppm) resistance

Fracturing Thickner

When performing acid fracturing,  in order to achieve the purpose of fracturing farther strata with high concentration acid, it is necessary to slow down the reaction rate between the acid and the rock, and the operation adds acrylamide polymer to the acid to increase the viscosity of the acid, thus providing longer acidizing time and extend the acid fracturing depth.

Byfric™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark
F series 5-25% 8-16 Million Cross-linked polymer

Drilling Fluid

Polyacrylamide for drilling fluid can be applied to low solid content non-dispersible polymer drilling fluid system, and can be used in combination with various treatment agents for various mud systems. During the drilling process, liquid mud is needed to cool and lubricate the drill bit and to bring rock chips out of the well. Polyacrylamide is used in drilling fluid treatment and plays an important role in drilling for filtration loss reduction, flocculation, shale inhibition and leak plugging, which greatly improves the drilling environment and increases the drilling speed.

Byfloc™, Vismega™, Bysate™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark

X series

S series

100/300/500 series


20-26 Million

25-35 Million
15-20 Million

Mud thickener
Shale inhibitor

Profile Control & Water-Plugging

Polyacrylamide polymers undergo cross-linking reaction in the high-permeability layer or fracture layer, and after the reaction, gel is formed to seal the rock crevices. Due to the low viscosity when polyacrylamide is injected, it mainly enters the high-permeability layer and has little effect on the low-permeability layer. After the water plugging and profile control operation, the production efficiency of the low permeability layer can be improved.

Byfloc™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark

A series

X series


16-20 Million

20-25 Million


Drag Reducer

Polyacrylamide drag reducing agent is widely used in the pipeline transportation of crude oil and refined oil. Frictional resistance in pipeline transportation restricts the flow of fluid in the pipeline, resulting in lower pipeline transmission and increased energy consumption, drag reducing agent is an important means to improve the flow capacity of pipeline and reduce energy consumption in a specific section. Our polymeric drag reducing agent can effectively reduce the flow resistance and inhibit pipeline corrosion. It can also be used in shale gas fracturing site, and the reduction rate can reach 70%.

Bysate™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark
100/300/500 series 20-40% 15-20 Million /