Paper Dispersant

The addition of polyacrylamide dispersant in the paper-making process can effectively prevent the agglomeration of fibers and improve the uniformity of paper. Our paper dispersant can be dissolved quickly and can promote good dispersion of paper fibers and excellent paper forming effect with low dosage, improve pulp uniformity and paper softness, and enhance paper strength performance. The product is suitable for various kinds of toilet paper, napkins and other household paper and other thin paper.

Byfloc™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark
A series 20-40% 10-20 Million Fast dissolving product

Paper-making Retention & Drainage Aid

A good retention and filtering aid is a prerequisite and necessary factor to ensure smooth operation of the paper machine and good paper quality. Medium molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide is one of the most commonly used retention aids in paper-making. The use of cationic polyacrylamide can reduce fiber and filler loss and thus reduce costs, as well as reduce the consistency and ash content of the pulp, extend the life of the forming fabric, and improve the smoothness and opacity of the paper. In many field conditions, cationic polyacrylamide alone can be used to achieve retention and filtration aid effects.

Byfloc™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark
C series 5-30% 8-14 Million Type selection based on site condition

Wastewater Treatment of PAPER & PULP

The water discharged in liquid form in the pulping and paper-making process is mainly pulping black water and white water under the paper-making wire. The coagulation method is used to add flocculants to change the surface electrical properties of the colloidal particles, so that the dispersed colloidal particles aggregate to form large particles and carry part of the soluble organic matter precipitates and aggregates. In this process, the inorganic flocculant mainly plays the role of coagulation, and then accelerates the precipitation through the flocculation of the polymer polyacrylamide.

Byfloc™ Charge Molecular Weight Remark
C series 5-30% 8-14 Million /