Continuing to forge ahead, striving for a bright future, and celebrating the 17th anniversary of Boyuan New Materials' founding

发布于: 2023-05-15 14:13

The warmth of spring has arrived before the summer solstice. Today, on May 9, 2023, we are filled with joy as we celebrate the 17th anniversary of our company's founding! At this vibrant and lively time, the board of directors extends its sincere greetings to all employees and expresses heartfelt thanks and best wishes to friends from all walks of life who have been paying attention to and supporting the development of our company!

Over the past 17 years, Boyuan has experienced wind and rain, strived to forge ahead, and achieved fruitful results. The 17-year development journey owes its success to the guidance and support of the government, the trust and support of our customers, the concerted efforts of all employees, and the glorious strides we have made. The past 17 years have been a time of unity and struggle, dedication, and constant progress, as well as innovation and development. The accumulation and persistence of the past 17 years have enabled Boyuan New Materials to embark on a high-quality development path from small to large and from large to refined, growing into a national "small giant" enterprise specializing in new and unique products.

Adhering to policy guidance and strategic goals, Boyuan New Materials has remained true to its original mission for 17 years For 17 years, Boyuan New Materials has always followed national policy guidance, resonated with national strategies, and actively practiced the national strategic enterprise. Upholding the corporate mission of "purifying the world, staying away from pollution," we have always integrated our development goals into national strategies and social needs. Practicing the "green" development strategy, we have focused on polyacrylamide products for 17 years, dedicating ourselves to the purification of domestic and industrial wastewater, supporting the efficient exploitation and utilization of petroleum resources, and undertaking the social responsibility of sustainable corporate development. In line with the "dual carbon" action strategy, we have continuously deepened technological innovation, taken the lead in completing the "three major transformations" projects, and fully promoted energy conservation and emission reduction. We have continuously pushed forward technological innovation, improving production efficiency, product quality, energy-saving, and emission reduction.

Strengthening technological innovation and cultivating development advantages, Boyuan New Materials has insisted on meticulous work for 17 years. Over the past 17 years, Boyuan New Materials has constantly carried out technological changes and internal innovation in processes, technologies, production, talent, teams, and business models. Focusing on "customer-centric" needs, we have implemented innovation-driven development, continuously improved our competitiveness, and accelerated our pace of high-quality development. Through continuous innovation, we have achieved "one reduction and three increases," winning the initiative in development. We have strengthened technological transformation to reduce production costs, invested millions of yuan annually in technological upgrading, and improved production efficiency, product quality, and capacity. In 2022, the company's second production line was successfully put into operation, significantly increasing the output and quality of Boyuan products and providing a strong guarantee for the enterprise in the industry's market competition. We have reinforced technological innovation to improve profitability, built seven provincial and municipal R&D platforms, and strengthened the research and development and application of new products, new technologies, and new processes. We have independently developed nearly a hundred product categories, obtained more than 60 intellectual property rights, and led a national-level scientific research project. This has enabled us to build a high-value-added product structure with high-technology content and market adaptability, thereby enhancing our comprehensive profitability.

Over the past 17 years, Boyuan New Materials has experienced multiple challenges, from the difficulties of competing as a small enterprise to the lack of funds during corporate transformation, from fierce market competition to industrial transformation and upgrading, and from the impact of the three-year COVID-19 pandemic to severe flooding. Boyuan's employees have always united, faced difficulties head-on, and tenaciously struggled to forge ahead, writing a magnificent chapter in the company's development. United in fighting the pandemic and overcoming difficulties together, Boyuan New Materials has faced the three-year pandemic impact with solidarity, persistence, and resilience, fully ensuring production and supply, winning customer and market praise, and achieving record-high performance against the odds. In the face of storms and floods, the company has maintained its original aspirations in disaster relief efforts. During the severe flooding in Xinxiang City, Boyuan New Materials actively organized rescue and relief efforts while also focusing on self-help, donating money and materials to severely affected areas, assisting disaster-stricken people in post-disaster reconstruction, and demonstrating the company's sense of responsibility. Caring for students through donations and helping people out of poverty, Boyuan New Materials organizes annual donations to support impoverished students in achieving their dreams, launches "agricultural product cooperatives" to drive local residents to start businesses and escape poverty, and actively fulfills its social responsibilities.

Growing and contributing side by side, the brand and mission move forward together. With continuous brand innovation and professional, efficient service quality, Boyuan products have been widely recognized and trusted by the industry and customers and have also been affirmed and recognized by governments at all levels. The company has successively won more than 30 honors, including the national "Little Giant" enterprise, high-tech enterprise, Henan Province Carbon Management Demonstration Enterprise, Henan Province Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Demonstration Enterprise, Henan Province Quality and Integrity System Construction AA-level Enterprise, Henan Province Single Champion Cultivation Enterprise, Xinxiang County County Mayor Quality Award, and Xinxiang City Quality Benchmarking Enterprise.

After 17 years of hard work and continuous development, Boyuan New Materials has guided the company's correct progress with "strategic leadership," driven sustainable development through "continuous innovation," established a corporate brand image with "integrity and responsibility," and written a splendid and beautiful chapter with "perseverance." Looking ahead, Boyuan New Materials will always adhere to the anti-pandemic spirit of "unity, resilience, courage, and decisive victory," guided by the values of "innovation, integrity, pragmatism, and responsibility." With forward-looking thinking, a brand-new image, vigorous vitality, high spirits, and solid work, Boyuan New Materials will continue to write a new chapter of innovation and transcendence and strive to achieve the vision of "becoming an internationally leading polymer brand.