Boyuan reached a research cooperation agreement with Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences

发布于: 2021-09-04 15:17

On September 2, an industry-academia-research cooperation between Henan Boyuan New Material Company Limited and Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences was reached. This cooperation is a concrete embodiment of Boyuan's active response to the national specialization and specialization, and is the basis and premise for strengthening the cooperation between industry and academia and research to comprehensively improve the scientific and technological content and technology level of Boyuan's products; it is an important platform for deepening the integration of industry and education, cooperation between institutions and enterprises and promoting high-quality development of vocational education. This cooperation will be of great significance in promoting the enhancement of Boyuan's technical R&D power and shaping the corporate culture atmosphere.

The signing ceremony of our cooperation was held in the conference room of Boyuan and was attended by Fang Shengzhong, researcher and doctoral supervisor of Ningbo Institute of Materials Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Henan Zhongke Xinchuang Research Institute; Li Wenqing, deputy director of Xinxiang Science and Technology Bureau; Liu Bo, director of Xinxiang Science and Industry Bureau; Zhao Fengzu, vice president of Henan Zhongke Xinchuang New Materials Technology Research Institute; Xiao Yinbao, chairman of Henan Boyuan New Materials Co.
Henan Boyuan New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of microbial method acrylamide solution, acrylamide, polyacrylamide series products, and other special environmental protection new materials. At present, the company has Hennan Water Purification Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, 19 (two invention patents) independent intellectual property rights. In 2021, the company was recognized as Henan Province Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the National Specialized and New Small Giant Recommended Unit. The products can be widely used in many fields of industrial wastewater, municipal sewage treatment, oil field, metallurgy, coal, sand washing, incense making, piling, etc., with obvious environmental and social benefits. Boyuan will take the cooperation with Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences as an opportunity to comprehensively improve product quality and technology research and development.